Central Valley Indian Health, Inc. is now offering the Moderna COVID 19 vaccine to all children ages 6 months through […]
We are now offering the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID 19 third dose and booster vaccines. If you meet any of the requirements below, please call your CVIH clinic to schedule an appointment.
Register your child (12+ only) online at Myturn.ca.gov to find the closest vaccination site to you. CVIH will reimburse you if you paid for your child to receive the Pfizer vaccine at another pharmacy. Call the COVID Line for more info 559.862.2775
Central Valley Indian Health is now providing a $100 cash reward for all CVIH patients that receive either both dosages of the Moderna vaccine, or a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine after 7/12.
A total of 10 Vaccinated Californians could win up to $1.5 million in a lottery Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Thursday. Ten Californians who got at least one dose will split a $15 million pot on June 15.
If you or your family members are interested in getting your COVID vaccine, please contact us! We are currently offering COVID vaccinations to all patients and their family members, 18 years old and older. Contact us using any of the methods listed below.
There is a dangerous misconception that the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is not as effective as other vaccines and that American Indian/Alaska people shouldn’t get it. That would be a deadly mistake – one that would almost certainly increase the rates of hospitalization and death among communities that have already suffered devastating loss from the virus.
Central Valley Indian Health, Inc. is beginning the next phase of COVID vaccination starting March 1, 2020. Those who are high risk will still have priority scheduling, but we are now opening to all other patients ages 18 and over for the Moderna COVID Vaccine. If you meet any of the high-risk criteria, or if you are interested in getting your COVID vaccine, send us a request using any of the methods listed below: