Central Valley Indian Health, Inc.

2740 Herndon Avenue

Clovis, CA 93611

If you wish to contact us by e-mail, fax, phone or letter please contact us at:

Central Valley Indian Health, Inc.
2740 Herndon Avenue,

Clovis, CA,US,93611

email: cvih@cvih.org  

Or you can contact the Departments directly at the following information:

Fax: 559-299-1557

Call: 559-299-2578
email: fiscal@cvih.org

Fax: 559-299-1421

Call: 559-299-4264
email: billing@cvih.org

Fax: 559-299-2391

Call: 559-299-2570
email: dental@cvih.org

Fax: 559-299-1341
Call: 559-299-2608
email Medical: clovis@cvih.org

email nutrition: nutrition@cvih.org

Fax: 559-299-0717
Call: 559-299-2634
email: outreach@cvih.org

North Fork Clinic

Fax: 559877-7788

  Call: 559-877-4676
email: northfork@cvih.org

Prather Clinic

Fax: 559-855-5395

Call: 559-855-5390

email: prather@cvih.org

Tachi Medical Center

Fax: 559-924-2197

Call: 559-924-1541

email: tachi@cvih.org


Tachi Dental Clinic

Fax: 559-924-0790

Call: 559-924-0460

email: tachidental@cvih.org

Bullard Clinic

Fax: 559-325-5735

Call: 559-325-5715

email: bullard@cvih.org

Behavioral Health Services

Fax: 559-415-1492

Call: 559-374-2240

email: bhs@cvih.org